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Portable pilgrimage audio-set ZPL


     ZPL pilgrimage set is designed to amplify pilgrimages, processions, etc. It includes a UHF transmitting-receiving radio set, a wireless microphone, and two megaphones. The set is built on a backpack type frame and has suspenders that let move freely. It is fed by a 12V internal gel accumulator. It has a built-in control and accumulator state signalling system. It has a socket to connect: a microphone, and a power supply adaptor to be charged (the power supply adaptor is included in the set).

Technical data  ZPL

Output power [W] 2x20
Working frequency ZPL 823 - 864
Power Microphone

battery 9V

Power supply (internal accumulator) 12V
Efficiency (1W/m) [dB]


Efficiency (max.) [dB] 121
Frequency response  [Hz] 250-10 000
Number of loudspeaker 2 Megaphones
Audibility range 150
Wireless microphone range [m] 60
Working time [h] 10
Height [cm] 150
Weight [kg] 8,0
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