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Portable Audio-Set  ZP-40


A modern portable ZP-40 amplification set is designed to amplify processions, pilgrimages, open spaces, and also to amplify rooms, conference rooms, etc. It includes eight loudspeakers, two megaphone type loudspeakers, a transmitting-receiving radio set with one or two wireless microphones, an amplifier, and an accumulator.


Technical data  ZP - 40

Amplifier power 2x20W
Megaphones power 30W (2x15W)
Units inside a loudspeaker power 40W (8x5W)
Wireless system working frequency 823 MHz - 864 MHz
Power Microphone

battery 9V

Power supply - internal accumulator (NI-MH) 12V DC
Efficiency megaphone (SPL; 1W/1m/1kHz) [dB] 108
Efficiency max. megaphone (SPLmx; 1m/1kHz) [dB] 122
Frequency response column [Hz] 150-15000
Frequency response Megaphone [Hz] 250-10000
Audibility range [m] 150
Wireless microphone range [m] 100
Battery life in continuous operation [h] 6
Height without stand [cm] 142
Weight without a stand [kg] 11,5
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