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Portable Audio-Set  ZP-20


      ZP-20 portable amplification set with a wireless microphone is designed to amplify pilgrimages, funerals, school trips (small spaces) and to amplify rooms. It is fed by a 12V internal gel accumulator.
It has a built-in control and accumulator signalling state system. There are installed sockets to connect: a microphone and a power supply adaptor to charge the accumulator. It has a microphone volume and timbre control (bass, treble) and an activation signalling. Working time is 3 hours. The casing is made of an aluminium section covered with paint powder.

Technical data

Output power [W] max. 20
Working frequency [MHz] 673.300 - 677.700
674.200 - 688.900
823.700 - 825.300
863.900 - 864.900
Power microphone voltage Battery 9V
Power supply (internal accumulator) 12V
Efficiency (1W/1m) [dB] 92
Efficiency max. [dB] 105
Frequency response [Hz] 150 - 15 000
Battery life in continuous operation [h] 3
Audibility range [m] 50
Wireless microphone range [m] 60
Measurements (height/width/depth) [cm] 26x11x10
Weight [kg] 2,4 (3,1 kpl.)
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