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Zone-amplifier WS-5

     Modern WS-5/120 and WS-5/240 zonal acoustic amplifiers are designer for amplification installation. They are adapted to cooperation with 100V and 70V loudspeaker set line of total impedance of 4Ω. WS amplifiers can cooperate also with fire equipment and Warning Sonic Systems.
An anti-damage protecting system of the finishing stage are used in case of: output short-circuit, overload and power factor overheating.

Amplifier equipment:


Symmetrical microphone input I with Phantom power supply to be turned on and voice priority blocking other inputs – XLR socket.


Symmetrical microphone input II with Phantom power supply to be turned on – XLR socket.


Input III switchable: symmetrical microphone/ symmetrical line – Jack socket


Recorder input IV, playback – Cinch socket


Input V CD playback – Cinch socket


Input for recording – Cinch socket


INSERT output/input – Jack socket


Loudspeaker line outputs ( 4Ω, 70V, 100V )


Zonal controllable outputs 3 x ( 0 - 120W /240W )


TECHNICAL DATA WS - 5/120 WS -  5/240
Output Power (sinus) 120W 240W
Symmetrischer Mikrofoneingang,
Klangregulierung (Empfindlichkeit, Bass, Sopran)
0.5 - 5 mV /1kΩ 0.5 - 5 mV /1kΩ
Recorder input 0,1 - 1V /300kΩ 0,1 - 1V /300kΩ
Recorder-output (recording) 460 mV 460 mV
Frequency response 40 - 20000 Hz 40 - 20000 Hz

Non-linear distortions

< 0.3 % < 0.3 %

Non-grounded symmetrical output

100V, 70V 100V, 70V

Loudspeaker output

Three controllable zonal outputs

Einst. 6-Punkte
von 0-100V
Einst. 6-Punkte
von 0-100V

Timbre control – input tracks (bass 100Hz, soprano 100Hz)

±15dB ±15dB

Measurements width/height/depth (mm)

433 x 95 x300 433 x 95 x 300
Weight (kg) 11 kg 12 kg



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