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Acoustical amplifier of type WM-DT

     WM-DT acoustic amplifiers are equipped with an class D amplifier 0dB and +6dB symmetrical inputs, 0dB output, gain control, soprano and bass control, limiter and 6-degree controlling indicator. The input has a Combo type socket, which allows connecting the signal by means of a wire with XLR or Jack plug. 
Modern construction of WM-DT amplifiers lets them cooperate with other amplifiers and mixer in order to increase the power of the entire amplification installation.

Technical data WM-200DT WM-400DT WM-600DT
Output power (sinus) 200 W 400 W 600 W

XLR symmetrical input sensitivity (switchable)

0dB, +6dB 0dB, +6dB 0dB, +6dB

Output sensitivity (XLR symmetrical transformer)

0dB 0dB 0dB

Universal input with timbre control: bass, soprano

bass: 100Hz;
soprano: 10kHz ±12dB
bass: 100Hz;
soprano: 10kHz ±12dB
bass: 100Hz;
soprano: 10kHz ±12dB

Power output (non-grounded symmetrical)

100V, 70V, 8Ω, 100V, 70V, 8Ω, 100V, 70V, 4Ω,
Frequency response 40 - 20000 Hz 40 - 20000 Hz 40 - 20000 Hz
Impedance 100V / 50Ω 100V / 25Ω 100V / 16,5Ω
70V / 24,5Ω 70V / 12,25Ω 70V / 8,25Ω

Constrained cooling (ventilator)

yes yes yes
Limiter yes yes yes

Work temperature

from -5 to +40 °C from -5 to +40 °C from -5 to +40 °C

Measurements width/height/depth (mm)

443x44x250 443x44x250 443x44x250
Weight (kg) 9,2kg 11kg 12,5 kg



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