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Mixer MX-6A


      Modern MX-6A Type acoustic mixer has 5 microphone-linear channels and 1 universal channel (Magnet-CD). The microphone-linear channel has: symmetrical microphone input (XLR socket), Phantom power supply switch, symmetrical linear input (Jack socket), high and low tone timbre control, gain control, and input sensitivity control. The universal channel has a Magnet/CD asymmetrical input (Cinch socket for L and R channels), and an asymetrical linear input (Jack socket), adjustable input sensitivity, high and low tones control, and gain control. Every input channel has a signal and controlling level indicator.
The mixer has a summing channel with a 3-point timbre control (soprano, alto, bass) and gain control, adjustable symmetrical input in scope of -20 dB – 0 dB (XLR socket) enabling to plug the mixer into a microphone input as well as to an input of linear level. The MX-6A mixer is equipped with an headphones socket with volume control and a 10-point controling indicator.

Technical data  MX- 6A

Microphone (XLR) and linear (Jack) adjustable, symmetrical inputs with a Phantom power supply switch (40V)

1 - 5:  0,5-100mV/ 1kΩ

Magnet-CD universal input

6:  100mV-1V/ 300kΩ

Tape recorder output - recording


Common linear output


Non-linear distortions

< 0,1%
Frequency range 40 - 20 000 Hz

Timbre control separate for each channel


3-point summing timbre control

Power supply [V] 230
Measurements: W/H/D [mm] 325x75x245
Weight [kg] 2,5



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