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Studio Condenser Microphone CMSn
Highest Quality!


   Capacitive microphones CMSn with supercardioid characteristics guarantee the highest sound quality in the whole Frequency response,
It is a gold-plated membrane (diameter 18 mm) used in a brass Casing. Housings are galvanized matt-chrome or powder coated black.Supplied with a case and pop screen.

Technical data CMSn
Frequency response 20Hz- 20kHz
Sensitivity 26 mV/Pa
Impedance 200 Ω
Charakteristics superkardioid
Phantom-power 20 - 48V DC
Signal/noise ratio (S/N) 74 dB
Max sound level for  0,5% THD (SPL) 134 dB
Weight 200 g
Microphone length



Frequency response microphone CMSn