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Sound emitter K2R specifically designed for cathedrals, churches and conference buildings and for various public buildings.
K2R speaker series was developed to provide a significantly improved audio directivity.


Loudspeaker Type K2R:

aesthetic look
- uniform distribution of natural sound    
  throughout the room
- high efficiency
- top-bottom holder
- v
ersion:100V (power regulation)
- aluminum housing
- weather-resistant paint
colors according RAL palette


Technical data  K2R-30  K2R-40 K2R-60 K2R-80 K2R-100 K2R-120
1/1 power Imp. 30W 333Ω 40W 250Ω 60W 166Ω 80W 125Ω 100W 125Ω 120W 83Ω
1/2 power Imp. 15W 666Ω 20W 500Ω 30W 333Ω 40W 250Ω 50W 250Ω 60W 166Ω
1/4 power Imp. 7,5W 1,33kΩ 10W 1 15W 666Ω 20W 500Ω 25W 500Ω 25W 400Ω
1/8 power Imp. 3,75W 2,66kΩ 5W 2kΩ 7,5W 1,33kΩ 10W 1kΩ 12,5W 800Ω 12,5W 800Ω
number of Full range Speakers
(3,5") neodym
3pcs. 4pcs. 6pcs. 8pcs. 9pcs. 12pcs.
number of hightone Speakers
1pcs. 1pcs. 2pcs. 3pcs. 4pcs. 6pcs.
SPL(1W/1m) [dB] 92 93 95 97 98 101
Guaranteed acoustic sound pressure at max SPL. (pink noise)
IEC 60268-1


5m 10m 12m 16m 18m 20m


3m 8m 10m 12m 16m 18m
Frequency response
150 ÷ 18k 150 ÷ 18k 145 ÷ 18k 140 ÷ 18k 130 ÷ 18k 120 ÷ 18k
opening angle in horizontal plane 90° (-6dB, 1kHz ÷ 8kHz)  90°(-6dB, 1kHz÷8kHz) 100° (-6dB, 1kHz÷8kHz) 100° (-6dB, 1kHz÷8kHz) 100° (-6dB, 1kHz÷8kHz) 100° (-6dB, 1kHz÷8kHz)
opening angle in
vertical plane
40° 30° 25° 20° 15°
Input power 100V 100V 100V 100V 100V 100V
Dimensions: H/W/D [mm] 414/95/78 494/95/78 744/95/78 994/95/78 1150/95/78 1496/95/78
Weight 1kg 2 kg 4,5 kg 8,5 kg 11 kg 11


Mounting Instructions