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Splitter SPL-1


Passive Splitter SPL-1 are used if it is necessary to split the signal into two receivers preserving their galvanic isolation. The use of high-quality transformer prevents distortion and modulation loops formed by merger of two DC loads.
The Isolation Transformer is also shielded which provides very high immunity to external interferences (230V, etc.).
Splitter has one input, one Direct output and two isolated outputs with switchable ground. The input / output  seats are XLR-sockets.
Block diagram SPL-1

Technical data SPL-1

impedance < 20kΩ
load impedance > 200Ω
frequency response 60Hz - 20kHz ± 1dB
transformer ratio 1 : 1
input / outputs 1xXLR / 3xXLR
dimensions (w./h./d.) [mm] 137 x 68 x 60
weight [g] 370